How do kids think about robots? Will robots be our friends? How can robots help kids learn? Will robots replace teachers? How do we make robots "right"?

While studying abroad in Sydney, Australia, back in 2009, I took a sculpture class. This project in clay and plaster took up the first half of the semester. I learned about mass, working with clay, and creating a plaster mold!

Your work may be your life, but your life is more than just your work. How do you remember to take time for yourself and your life outside of work?

I took more ceramics classes! I made more bowls of different sizes and shapes, practiced making pretty forms, and experimented with glaze effects.

The biggest problem students tend to have -- whether or not you are one of these people -- is getting feedback on their writing. This is actually several problems: getting feedback, giving feedback, and dealing with the feedback you get. Here's how.

I took a ceramics class! We were taught how to make a couple different forms out of clay on the wheel, but I just made bowls. Lots of bowls.