I took more ceramics classes! I made more bowls of different sizes and shapes, practiced making pretty forms, and experimented with glaze effects.

I took a ceramics class! We were taught how to make a couple different forms out of clay on the wheel, but I just made bowls. Lots of bowls.

Am I Alive? is a life-size sequential art dialogue that questions the "aliveness" of new technology. I made this for the Media Lab's The Other Festival in Spring 2013.

Nearly all the photos on my blog are photos I took. Here's where to find my photo-centric posts from 2010-2012, with a special section on the Vassar Palmer Gallery exhibit Through the Student Lens in 2011, which featured two of my photos.

While studying abroad in Sydney, Australia, back in 2009, I took a sculpture class. This project in clay and plaster took up the first half of the semester. I learned about mass, working with clay, and creating a plaster mold!

An art project of mine, the sculpture “Selves”, created during my semester abroad at the University of Sydney.