_Am I Alive?_ is a life-size sequential art dialogue that questions the "aliveness" of new technology. I made this for the Media Lab's The Other Festival in Spring 2013.

In which I consider bloggers (food bloggers, fashion bloggers, etc.) and determine that, if I blogged about one thing only, maybe that one thing would be colors.

The Motion Tracker is a camera-based body movement tracking system. I worked on it as a research intern for Sidney D'Mello in 2011-2012.

Priorities and commitment. Dealing with failure. The importance of practice. Emotion regulation. I fenced for ten years, and learned more than parries and ripostes!

I've finally added a page about my 2011 summer at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center! Summer plans include adding more recent updates and documenting exciting things that happened during my first year of grad school.

I spent the summer of 2011 at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center as part of Mike Comberiate’s Engineering Boot Camp. Read and watch videos about the project I worked on, LIDAR-Assisted Robotic Group Exploration!