Writing is not a chore. Writing may be difficult and time-consuming, but writing is planning. Writing is thinking. Writing is synthesizing. Writing is practice.

You do work. You research stuff. You have ideas. Convincing other people that they should care about what you do is all about the story you tell. It's about the narrative. It's about the big picture.

I took a ceramics class! We were taught how to make a couple different forms out of clay on the wheel, but I just made bowls. Lots of bowls.

Sometimes I write new lyrics for songs. Here are some I recently wrote for my husband, Randy Westlund, about his favorite operating system: BSD.

_Am I Alive?_ is a life-size sequential art dialogue that questions the "aliveness" of new technology. I made this for the Media Lab's The Other Festival in Spring 2013.

The Motion Tracker is a camera-based body movement tracking system. I worked on it as a research intern for Sidney D'Mello in 2011-2012.